Ravindranath Hampole

  • .NET Application Architect / Lead .NET Developer
  • San Jose, CA
  • Member Since Jun 26, 2023

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Ravindranath Hampole


Seeking .NET Application Architect/Project lead Developer position in Software Engineering. Interested in Systems Analysis, Architecture and Database design, development and administration.




·       Over 25 years of experience in Systems Analysis, Application Architecture and Database design, development and administration.

·       Highly experienced and resourceful .Net Architect and long proven record.

·       Mentoring fellow developers and creating software development standards and best practices.

·       Participated in architecture, design and code reviews.

·       Highly experienced Software engineer with solid background in relational database design, development and administration and excellent programming skills in C#, ASP.NET, MVC, PL/SQL and T-SQL.

·       Excellent object-oriented design techniques and data modeling approaches, strong programming skills and a firm grasp of the challenges associated with deploying client/server enterprise applications.

·       Highly productive team leader, skilled in the development of project, personnel management, consulting, training, maintenance and pre-sales technical support.

·       Noted for very strong analytical and problem-solving skills, creativity, excellent verbal and written communication skills and excellent organizational/management skills.




·       Operating Systems: Windows Server, Windows 10.

·       Languages: C#, ASP.NET, MVC, WCF, HTML5, T-SQL, XML, XSLT, JQuery, JavaScript, Ajax, CSS, Bootstrap, JSon

·       Technology: .NET 3.5/4.0/4.5, ASP.Net, ASP.Net MVC, MVC Web API, Windows Azure, SQL Azure, Azure PaaS/IaaS, REST API.

·       Database: SQL Server, SQL Azure, Oracle, Entity Framework

·       Tools: ERWin, SQL Server Enterprise Manager, SQL Profiler, Oracle Enterprise Manager, Visual Studio 2017, TFS, XML, Power Shell, Abbyy OCR engine, Tesseract OCR, Git

·         CodeSmith tool is a template based code generator. Customized the templates to generate data layer CSLA business objects.

·         Interfacing with Box.Net, Google Drive, SharePoint online, Dropbox and OneDrive

·         Familiar with AngularJS

·         Other: SignalR, Dependency Injection Tools: Unity, Structure Map

·         Methodologies: Agile/Scrum, Object-Oriented Design Patterns

·       Developed DAL layer using .NET Entity Framework and LINQ, CSLA

·       Integrated Rockford Lhotka’s CSLA application development framework

·       Mobile development using Xamarin platform.



KnowledgeLake Inc. - a PFU Company

Principal Architect

April 2016 - Present

KnowledgeLake is a subsidiary of PFU Systems and provides software solutions and services for enterprise content management.

Key Accomplishments:

  • Designed and architected an ECM application on Microsoft Azure cloud service to provide a consolidated service to upload scanned documents to different cloud storage providers such as Google drive, Box, Dropbox, One drive and Share Point. This application is designed to work in Azure Cloud platform and as a service to support multi-tenants. I architected the end-to-end solution utilizing Azure Platform services that provide table, blob, queue storage services as well as SQL Azure relational database. This application provides many features such as storing metadata and sharing documents. The presentation layer is designed as Asp.Net MVC application, the business layer is developed using Entity Framework mapping the SQL database tables.
  • Designed a well constrained multi-tenant database model using ERWin modeler. Generated O/R mapped objects using Entity Framework.
  • Responsible for managing and maintaining Azure Services through Azure portal.
  • Responsible for various phases of Deployment from Development to QA to Staging and finally into Production.
  • Designed and developed a prototype evaluating the accuracy and performance study between Abbyy OCR engine and open source Tesseract OCR engine.


PFU Systems Inc. - a Fujitsu Company

Senior Architect

February 2008 – April 2016

PFU Systems is a subsidiary of Fujitsu and a leading company in image scanners and Kiosks.

Key Accomplishments:

        Designed and architected Document Management System specifically applied to manage expenses through receipts. Smart Receipt is designed as Azure Cloud service having Web Role hosting the website and Worker Role doing background process. The Web Role is hosting ASP.Net MVC application running .Net Framework 4.5 and communicates to the Worker Role through Azure Queues. The scanned receipt image can be uploaded from the website or using mobile device such as iPhone/iPad using REST API. The uploaded file can be jpeg image file or pdf file with multiple jpeg images. Once the file is uploaded, the server saves the file either in Blob or external Google drive depending on the user login. The file information is stored in SQL Azure. The ID of the file is placed in Azure Queue so that the Worker Role could retrieve the file and process through Abbyy's OCR engine. The Abbyy’s Finereader engine extracts the data from the receipt by using engine API. The extracted data such as Vendor is verified through self-learning engine. The extracted data can be modified through UI pages and can be exported to online QuickBooks account.

        iNetSec Smart Finder is a network appliance designed to detect, identify and monitor various IT devices connected to the network as well as protect network from unauthorized devices. iNetSec Smart Finder manager application is designed as an intranet application running behind corporate firewall to monitor and manage these devices. I was able re-architect this intranet application to fit into Azure Cloud service. Network administrator only can access the Smart Finder manager within a corporate network. I re-architected and designed the intranet application to run on Azure Cloud service. The sensor service agent sends and receives data using REST service and the data is stored in SQL Azure. The web manager is ported to work under Web Role.

        Designed and Architected Remote Monitoring System for Kiosks that are geographically located in different regions. This application is designed to work in Azure Cloud platform and as a service to support multi-tenants. I architected the solution utilizing the Windows Azure Platform and Sql Azure. I adopted Azure Queue service to communicate between Worker Role and Web role. We used Blob to store large files. The Kiosk Remote Management system is designed as a web application to monitor many Kiosk clients in real-time. This application utilizes ASP.NET and .Net Framework 4.5 and the data is stored in Azure SQL server, as well as Azure Tables and Blobs. This application is hosted in Windows Azure. The message is being sent from Kiosks to Monitoring Server using WCF Restful Web service. The XML message is designed as contract first approach that contains all the information about the health of different devices and the event log and is being sent to Monitoring server through WCF REST API call. Many other REST API has been exposed for the data to be presented on mobile devices such as iPhone and Android apps. I directed the development of html5 JQuery mobile application.

        Designed and Developed Application for Hospital Emergency patient’s work-flow. This application uses RFID tag for the patients and movement of the patient from room to room is detected using RFID Readers. The data capture service collects data every 10 seconds and is pushed to Analysis server for creating reports and presenting the analyzed data. This application is designed as ASP.NET application and database is mapped using Entity Framework and the data is stored in SQL server.

        Designed and developed Visitor Management Kiosk on Sales Force cloud service. Developed many custom objects and custom Apex Classes including Visual Force pages. This application has email notification and chatter message feed to host when the visitor registers using Kiosk.

        Designed and developed Document Management System using ASP.NET and .Net Framework 3.5 and the data is stored in SQL server. Designed a complete relational database schema. Developed DAL layer using CSLA application development framework and generated business objects representing the O/R mapping of the database using CodeSmith code generator. This application has also integrated with Google.


BenefitStreet Inc.,

Senior Software Engineer

April 2007 – February 2008

BenefitStreet is dedicated to providing cost competitive on demand solutions, superior customer service and the highest quality investment choices and group benefits management and administration solutions. BenefitStreet delivers streamlined, flexible, and consolidated solutions for Financial Benefits and Group Benefits Management and Administration.

Key Accomplishments:

  • Designed and architected the SOA application known as Carrier Exchange and implemented using .NET 2.0 frameworks and C#. This involved in designing the backend process to manage and service employee health benefits. The web service is designed to receive HR-XML as a SOAP message and authentication has been implemented using WSE. The application server is implemented using the windows services and application framework CSLA for business layer and Oracle 10g database for data layer.
  • Used and maintained O/R tool CodeSmith to generate Business Objects from templates.
  • Developed many ASP.Net web pages as part of the employee health benefits application.
  • As one of the senior member, helped in designing the data model for employee health benefit system.


Enterprise Solutions Inc.,

Senior Consultant

November 2006 – April 2007

As a senior consultant, I am involved in the feature development of Eclipse product which is a .Net client server application. Also, I am involved in re-configuring the middle tier Eclipse application server and the backend Oracle 10g database under the new initiative to consolidate data centers worldwide.


LoanCity, San Jose, CA

Senior Database Architect

December 2003 – November 2006

LoanCity is the leading broker transaction service provider for wholesale Mortgage Brokers. The company offers cumulative pricing and the capability to view a variety of product options from the convenience of the desktop. The Broker can access and view files, loan status, underwriting decisions, conditions and at the same time view locks status and make decisions based on the information.

Key Accomplishments:

  • Designed and implemented CRM portal for LoanCity sales personnel to do their day-to-day broker accounts and leads management.
  • Designed and implemented integration to Strong Mail appliance using Web Service to do mass emailing.
  • Designed and implemented an interface to Fannie Mae to receive Underwriter document report thro' HTTP post. The request is sent as a Mime message and the response Mime message is received through’ HTTP request and response. This interface is developed using ASP.NET and C#.
  • Designing and supporting the enterprise .NET web application and backend database SQL2000. I have implemented many aspects of the business logic thro’ Stored Procedures.
  • Added many new features to the Web application such as Broker Report Card where different metrics of a Broker is calculated in the database layer and retrieved using .NET data reader to display on asp web page.
  • Implemented interface to FraudGuard.com using the Web Services to send data and retrieve report.
  • Designed and Implemented interface between Loancity.com and SalesForce.com using Web Services to push Accounts and Opportunity data to SalesForce.com.
  • Designed and developed a Windows tool to compare Schema and data of multiple databases. This tool helps in migrating schema changes and data from QA to Production databases.
  • Designed and developed a .NET library component which parses flat text data file into MISMO standard xml data.


Workforce OS, Burlingame, CA

Senior Consultant

February 2003 – December 2003

WorkForce OS uses its TheSkillsMatch© technology to provide employment and volunteer management tools and services to business, industry and alumni associations, non-profit organizations, and government agencies.
Key Accomplishments:

  • Designing and supporting the enterprise web application and backend databases Oracle 9i and SQL2000.
  • Developed middle-tier business logic in C# using .NET technology.
  • Developed many supporting tools for the web application using Windows forms and C#.
  • Responsible for deployment and maintenance of web application on the production server.
  • Responsible for Database administration of both Oracle 9i and SQL Server 2000 servers.
  • Developed DTS package to transfer data between computers over the Internet.


Introplus, Redwood City, CA

Senior Consultant

November 2002 – February 2003

Introplus is Web-based tool that matches travelers with common interests before their trip. By sharing their interests in professional and/or social topics, travelers and conference participants enhance their vacation or increase professional networking opportunities.

Key Accomplishments:

·         I was involved in Web application design, and development using ASP, IIS, and VB components.

·         Involved in Relational Database design and writing Stored Procedures.

·         I am involved with database administration and performance tuning.

·         Implemented replication for production database.


Vigilance, Inc., Sunnyvale, CA

Senior Member of Technical Staff

April 2000 – May 2002

Vigilance, Inc is leading Software Development Company that implements a suit of web-based Supply Chain Event Management and Business Process Management applications. The Vigilance application manages an enterprise by adopting its business processes to monitor for critical business issues based on key business events and metrics derived from information gathered in real-time - as business processes are executed within and across enterprise boundaries. It allows users to collaboratively resolve such issues over the Internet and track them in a knowledge base allowing enterprises to learn from the experience. The Web application is a three-tier Client Server model having IIS as the web server with ASP web pages, COM/DCOM, MTS and TIBCO messaging layer as the middle tier and backend database supporting both MS SQL Server and Oracle.

Key Accomplishments:

·       Designed, developed and administered Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle 8i/9i database on both NT and Solaris UNIX.

·       Supported day-to-day operation of database such as installing and upgrading.

·       Developed different strategies for Backup and Restore of database.

·       Modeled Vigilance database using ERWin tool and created the schema by automatically generating scripts. Generated custom report for generating data access layer. Reverse engineered MS SQL database to migrate schema to Oracle database.

·       I developed a VB application, which takes certain inputs and connects to the database using ADO and COM objects to purge and cleanup unnecessary and historical records. This involved in writing stored procedures in PL/SQL. This application supported both Oracle and MS SQL Server database.

·       Developed GUI tool with tabbed pages using VB.NET. Using web services API, this application retrieves periodically HTML data of a web page as text stream and stores parsed data into MS SQL Database. The application displays data in tabular form and graphs.

·       Developing many PL/SQL stored procedures and triggers to support the application

·       Designed and configured 24x7 highly available, scalable & reliable system for both application cluster and database cluster using NT cluster technology.

·       Implemented many new features of SQL2000 and Oracle9i to improve the performance and scalability of the database such as partitioning and distributed views.

·       Developing many strategies for SQL optimization and performance tuning of database.

·       Implemented Replication for reporting purposes.

·       Developed many scripts to migrate application database between different versions.

·       Developed Java stored procedures and PL/SQL scripts to generate XML objects from the relational database. Transformed Database objects to Business objects using XSLT.

·       Configuring Web Farm running IIS and CISCO Load Balancer.

·       Configured and analyzed web application performance using Microsoft Web Stress tool.

·       Managed projects for some of core technologies of web application development.

·       Providing Technical Support to customers as well as internal departments such as QA, Engineering and consulting group

·       Worked as a member of core engineering team that involved in analyzing software requirements and design specifications.

·       Key member to translate high-level feature specifications to design requirements for the backend database.

·       Key member for reviewing application layer design, software code and test cases.


Compaq Computer Corporation, Cupertino, CA

Senior Software Engineer

January 1997 – April 2000

Worked as a senior key member for a group that provided Database Performance and Benchmarking on Tru64 Unix, and also provided System Engineering support to Tru64 Unix and TruCluster on Alpha servers.

Key Accomplishments:

·       Configuring over a Terabyte large Datamart database on Alpha Enterprise servers running Tru64 Unix, that involved Oracle 8i database schema creation, perform disk space management such as striping using Logical Storage Manager (LSM) and performance tuning.

·       Developed many shell scripts to automate the operation of the database.

·       Developed an algorithm to size very large Datamart database on Alpha enterprise servers

·       Developed a detailed model for performance using many metrics such as Memory, I/O sub-system, Processor and CPU Utilization.

·       Worked on Characterization and Benchmarking of Application programs, Oracle 8i on Tru64 Unix and OPS on TruCluster

·       Developed a configuration and sizing guide for very large Datamart database and OLTP database on Alpha Enterprise servers by investigating the performance of database in terms of CPU, memory and I/O issues

·       Provided engineering support for target partners such as database vendors and High performance computing partners. Supported many partners in porting Application programs to Tru64 Unix and NT.


Landis & Gyr Utilities Services, Inc., San Jose, CA

Senior System Analyst

December 1989 – January 1997


·       Developed large-scale Application software on Tru64 Unix.

·       Implemented a large-scale linear optimization package in an Energy Management System

·       Designed and developed database layer, software drivers for the user interface and other application programs and full graphics displays.

·       Designed and developed large-scale linear optimization software for resource scheduling in Hydro Power systems.

·       Good experience in software version release and configuration control process.

·       Provided technical support for application engineers and customers. Involved in field installation and tuning the software for customer needs.

·       Wrote Software Design document and factory acceptance test procedures for various application programs.




·       Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, Technical University of Nova Scotia, Halifax, Canada

·       Master of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering, Technical University of Nova Scotia, Halifax, Canada

·       Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering, Bangalore University, Bangalore, India.

·       Published many research papers in the leading journals including IEEE, IEE Proceedings, Electric Machines and Power Systems, Electric Power Systems Research