Dean Congin

  • .Net Application Solution Architect
  • Tampa, FL
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Dean Congin


Consultant and Solution Architect with extensive experience on Microsoft Technology stack in multiple domains including all the aspects of software development life cycle. An effective communicator with excellent understanding of business requirements & knowledge to solve technology enabled solutions. 

• 15 year of development, 10 team lead and architect experience in major Microsoft Technologies – Full Stack, Business Intelligence, Custom Development and Cloud. 

• Over 10 years of experience as team lead, onsite coordinator & single point of contact for customers and offshore team.


• Over 15 years of experience in software development in Health Care, Financial, Law, Manufacturing and Wireless.


• Excellent understanding of automation and messaging.


• Excellent understanding of HIPAA laws in terms of software development and data flows.

• Two years of cloud deployment and hybrid deployments.
• Knowledge of standard modern tools, .NET Core, ASP.NET 5, MVC, Web.Api, strong WCF, Bootstrap, most popular JS libraries (jQuery, Angular.js, Angular 2) and frameworks, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, WinForms, WPF, TFS, TFS Automated builds, Azure deployments.

• Excellent understanding of project life cycle and designing & developing projects in various process models including Agile - SCRUM & Extreme Programming, Iterative, waterfall.


SKILL SET                         

Technical Skills: ASP.NET 5, MVC, Web.Api (including Core), strong WCF, Bootstrap, most popular JS libraries and frameworks, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Couch DB, WinForms, WPF, TFS, TFS Automated builds, Azure PaaS, Azure AD, Azure Cloud, .NET Core

Operating Systems: All Windows and Microsoft Stack

Applications: WordPress, Authorize.Net, NopCommerce, DotNetNuke, eCommerce

Mobile: iOS, Android via Xamarin Forms

Other: Git / Bitbucket/GitFlow, Jira/Conflunce and other Atlassian products.



.NET APPLICATION SOLUTION ARCHITECT (02/2017 – Current-  A South Florida Law Firm)

+     Continued development for same client as in 2013, growing business and upgraded technologies moving to SaaS,  on-premises resources and functionality to Azure SaaS model.

+     Moved all WEB API services and created new service to new layer AZURE. WEB API,  NET CORE Framework,

+     Implemented Multi-Tenancy to data and service layer (implemented database per tenant model).

+     Crated new front-end customer facing mobile friendly portals (Anglular2 + Bootstrap).



NET APPLICATION SOLUTION ARCHITECT (Consultant)– 05.2016 -0/2017 – A Software Company.

Design and implementation of web and mobile applications to a company that until recently only distributed desktop software. Primary goal was to get the IT department pointed in the right direction to create modern applications. The client to date only builds desktop WinForms applications.


+     Created .net Core Multi-Tenant Web API layer to Azure service layer (web site)

+     Created a method to move clients on-premises SQL DB  to Azure SQL that can be accessed by on-premises software and cloud API to accommodate mobile app

+     Created a prototype mobile app using Xamarin Forms as a launch point for IT employees to build out a remainder of app.

+     Created a prototype web front end to consume Core API for IT learning tool and possible future tool for IT to implement.  (React.js/ Bootstrap/ Html 5/AngularJS , Angular2/Typescript, UI Boothstrap, jQuery, jQueryUI, jQuery Mobile)

+     Web API layer can run directly on client on-premises keeping the DB on-premises for clients that were not ready to move to a cloud scenario.  Using .Net Core 1.x with Kestrel eliminated challenges setting up IIS, Web Api service layer is self hosted.

+     Created a prototype mobile app in Cordova / Phonegap as another example of how they may go about building a hybrid mobile app in a non-Microsoft open source technology.  

+     Emphasis on project was to expose a relatively young IT department to different technologies to build their next generation web and mobile applications.  They now have working code and infrastructure pieces using Azure web sites, Azure AD, Azure PaaS, Mobile technologies Xamarin and Cordova/Phonegap, .Net Core Web Api, mocking frameworks, TFS Continuous Integration.




NET APPLICATION ARCHITECT (Consultant)– 02.2016- 07.2016 – A Manufacturing  Company

Designed a full integration layer for external data exchange in an automated fashion.


+     Designed and implemented dashboards to configure integration jobs.

+     Designed and implemented a connector to client ERP system (Macola).

+     Team lead for two internal developers and one part-time remote developer

+     Current estimates will eventually save the business close to 1,000,000/Annual when factoring dedicated staff of 18 full time to perform the same amount of work including weekends.

+     Technologies used Front-End HTML5/Angular.js/Bootstrap, Backend SQL Server. SQL Server 2014, Windows Services for job execution, Web Api 2.0, and EF6 for web dashboards. .NET 4.6.x framework, Rhino Mocks tests


.NET APPLICATION/CLOUD SOLUTION ARCHITECT (2013 – Current  A South Florida Law Firm)

Developed a series of medical and insurance systems for a new area of an established law firm. The practice was extending their already lucrative business of personal injury into a new area of collections from hospitals that did pay or underpaid claims.  The main application is a workflow system for personal injury workers and investigators. There are other back office systems that communicate with their customers (hospitals).

+     Created secure HIPAA compliant layer of services and applications for external hospitals and medical providers to transfer medical data

+     Create internal workflow and management applications for personal injury department

+     Custom integration with hospitals

+     Team lead for off-shore developers

+     Created Azure service layer, multi-tenet application layer.

+     Develop external site for clients, mobile friendly using HTM5, CSS3, Bootstrap, jQuery and Angular.js, backend SQL Server 2012 with migration plan to Azure

+     Manage team and projects

+     Remote Agile Environment


NET APPLICATION LEAD ENG. /CLOUD ENG. (2012 –2015  An Energy Company)


Lead developer for the largest US Propane Company. 2+ year effort to create a suite of applications to improve sales. Suite included a customer retention system, and rules based incentive system for new and existing customers, a complete public web presence with a new customer dashboard.


+     Remote Agile Environment

+     Using new framework, build internal for customer service representatives to quote new orders and retain existing customers. 9000+ user base

+     Lead in migration to implement  hybrid Azure/on-premise  environment.

+     Rebuild of external mobile friendly site with online order and quotes, customer dashboard all built in HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Angular.js, jQuery and other JavaScript plugins, SQL Server 2012 and SAP Integration, PHP / CentOS migration to Microsoft Platform.

+     Created automated build and deploy environment for cloud and on-premises applications.

+     Participated in strategies with IT and management for 5 year technology path.


NET APPLICATION SYSTEM DESIGNER (2014 –2015  Another Energy Company)

Participated in design of a large dashboard overhaul for an Ohio based energy company to implement a customer dashboard and reporting system and public facing customer self-help feature integrating Ektron CMS

NET APPLICATION LEAD ENGINEER (2009 –2012  A Wireless Company)

Created the first version of a product called SIS (Sensory Information System), a system built entirely on the Microsoft Stack to communicate with wireless devices.


+     Participated in strategies with CEO and CIO to develop a platform for a new generation of wireless devices that gather information in difficult environments.

+     Designed a product infrastructure that can collect data from hundreds or concurrent wireless devices. This system can then analyze and server results to hundreds back end servers and users across the globe

+     Designed an elegant WCF service layer that is entirely based on event driven, publish/subscribe models

+     Designed and built both a WPF 3D Smart Client and Silverlight wireless device monitoring application

+     Designed and built a remote device configuration tool (ASP.NET MVC 2) to flash hardware over the wire

+     Built a development team of 4 to build custom applications for clients and build out the backend product

+     Running the team in an agile-like environment with 2 remote developers

+     Effectively communicate with I.T. staff at client locations to ensure product successful implementations

+     Designed a customizable WF state machine to manage device alarms and raise events to legacy systems


NET APPLICATION LEAD and PRODUCT CO-DEVELOPMENT MANAGER (2008 –2009  A pharmaceutical  company)

Created the first version of PAXIT, an enterprise system that controls a new robotic drug dispensing machine that would take orders from LTC facilities via XML or HL7 and programmatically send commands to the robot to dispense, package and code the medications sorted by patient for delivery. Also responsible for delivery of application to client.


+     Running the team in an agile-like environment with 2 remote developers

+     Suite of applications includes an AJAX UI, A services layer written entirely with WCF, and workflow and rules  written entirely with WF with a SQL 2008 clustered database

+     WCF layer communicates with external vendor services for true SOA capability

+     Complex AI algorithms delivered in a very short timeframe

+     Implemented TFS for source control, bug tracking, developer work items and project metrics

+      Focus on full automation at service level to reduce operator intervention


LEAD .NET                 ARCHITECT and PRODUCT MANAGER– A Microsoft Company and MCS/Microsoft (Direct Contract with Microsoft, Redmond 10.05 –05.08)


 Design and develop full Workers Comp. claims management system suite. The company Visual Risk Solutions which was a startup was backed by Microsoft at which point my team developed a portion of the entire product which was the intake system.


+     Design and develop an intake form design tool

+     Management of team – 7 Developers 2 QA 1 DBA

+     Technical Liaison for startup and  Microsoft

+     Technical and non-technical liaison for startup  upper management

+     Technical lead for SharePoint 2007 integration for startup

+     developed a Windows Forms designer so end users could design their own forms. Code is written in 100% C#.

+     Development of converting custom business entities to ADO.NET / LINQ strategy





+     Design and develop internal Sales Force Automation and CRM based applications

+     Design and develop SharePoint/MCMS integrated applications for marketing

+     Design and develop SharePoint/Project Server/Commerce applications for Sales Force and Marketing

+     Design and develop secured web services that can be consumed by .NET and J2EE teams

+     Implementing best practices for development, design, automated testing and deployment of .NET Applications 



.NET Architect – Ohio Government Facility (03.05 – 05.05)

+     Code Reviews

+     Redesign of system based on MS Best Practices

+     Mentorship of Jr. Developers



 .NET LEAD PRODUCT Architect – A Microsoft Dynamics Middleware Company 10.04 – 05.05

+      Complete architecture of a .NET/C# Shipping Solution product for a software company

+     Training, Mentoring and Tech Lead of 3 Jr. Developers, 1 Sr. Developer

+     Designed a multi-database transactional Data Access Layer that emulates Enterprise Services

+     Implement Secure Web Services (WSE 2.0)

+     Complete design and implementation of an XML based rules engine

+     Sophisticated workflow engine design

+     Bring forth best practices for product development, OOP and reuse as well as Microsoft patterns and practices

+     Training and implementation of NUnit, NAnt, FXCop, NDoc


.NET Engineer on various projects between 02.02 and 10.04

Major Bank

Scientific Lab

Government Health Organization

Drainage Systems Manufacturer

Major Clothing Manufacturer

Major Car Manufacturer

Major Children’s Publication