Xander Demos

  • .NET Full-Stack developer / .NET Architect
  • Reston, VA
  • Member Since Jun 26, 2023

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Xander Demos

K2 Blackpearl Developer/Architect & SME - .NET Full-Stack developer/architect w/ BizTalk, SharePoint and Sitecore. DevOps Specialist and Cloud Infrastructure


TECHNICAL SKILLS:                     



·          .NET (up thru 4.0)

·          COM and COM+

·          SQL Server Development (2012, 2014, 2016)

·          SSRS, SSIS development

·          General SQL optimization using stored procs, triggers

·          Web Project Management

·          Data Modeling

·          N-Tier Enterprise Solutions

·          Data Warehousing with SQL Server

·          Digital Dashboards

·          SOAP

·          SharePoint Architecture

·          SharePoint Development

·          Web Parts

·          SharePoint Administration

·          SDLC Concepts

·          Web Services

·          WPF, WCF

·          Service Oriented Architecture

·          Web 2.0

·          Windows Workflow

·          CMS

·          Design Patterns

·          Agile and SCRUM methods

·          Application Prototyping

·          UI Design and Mock-ups

·          UI, UX

·          SOA


·          Windows Operating Systems (XP, Server 2003, 2008, Win7, 8.1 Pro, Windows 10 Pro)

·          NUnit

·          Visio 2010, 2013, 2016

·          MS Project

·          MS Office (thru 2016)

·          MS Office SharePoint Designer 2013

·          Adobe Fireworks

·          ReSharper

·          MSMQ

·          MTS

·          BizTalk (thru 2010)

·          MS Enterprise Library

·          Adobe Creative Suite

·          NHibernate

·          SItecore CMS (thru version 7.2)

·          Microsoft Dynamics CRM

·          Tortoise SVN (SubVersion)

·          Visual Studio (Verions 6.0, 2003, 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012)

·          Informatica Data Services

·          Cloud Management and Development (Azure, Chef)

·          AppFabric

·          Cyber-Ark

·          PLINQO

·          Nintex



·          C# .NET

·          JavaScript

·          HTML 5.0

·          XML

·          Visual Basic and VB.NET

·          T-SQL/SQL

·          CSS3

·          XSL  and XSLT

·          ASP Classic

·          ASP.NET MVC (thru 5.0)

·          ASP.NET (thru 4.0)

·          XQuery

·          Mendix

·          Model Driven Development

·          XAML

·          LINQ to SQL

·          LINQ to XML

·          SilverLight

·          JQuery

·          PowerBI

·          MVC Razor (thru v5)

·          Microsoft Entity Framework

·          SQL Azure

·          Windows Azure

·          DataPower XML SOAP dev/administration

·          K2 SmartObjects

·          K2 SmartForms

·          RavenDB/NoSQL

·          NServiceBus

·          ASP.Net Core





I am an Enterprise Solutions Developer and a senior-level Web specialist with 20 years of solid application and web design, architecture and development along with technical lead and developmental management roles. I am a proven telecommuter and I can work in almost any environment. I continually strive to develop applications and processes at the user level thus enabling an easy transition from a development phase to production.  I can and will efficiently use time and resources with respect to planning and accountability of project goals and objectives. My communication skills are diverse to encompass both the technical and user personnel professionally. Without getting into too many specifics, I consider myself well-versed in the Microsoft stack and have been doing heavy development with K2 Blackpearl (Workflow, SmartForms, SmartObjects) as well as a few Javascript/JQuery frameworks and iOS. I am certified by K2 as well. As Microsoft keeps new development technologies current, I keep working exclusively to familiarize myself with them and to use them in my work environment. I have since re-worked many of my old codebases to current technologies using Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), and the latest .NET Frameworks – 3.5 – 4.5. In 2014 am currently working heavily with K2 Blackpearl, K2 SmartForms, Corticon, .NET MVC5, Angular JS and Web API 2.0.



K2 Certifications

CCAC, Monroeville and Pittsburgh, PA

Associate Degree – Business, 1997



Robert Morris College

(http://www.robert-morris.edu/), Pittsburgh PA

B.S., Management of Information Systems



DISCLAIMER: As a side note, I have had a professional career in the music business over the past 10 years, however, it has been mistaken that I have prioritized that above my career in software. This is simply not the case and a Google search may indicate otherwise. Please keep in mind that my involvement in the music business is reduced to weekends and is more or less at the hobby level.







http://www.brainbench.com/xml/bb/common/testcenter/bcip.xml and follow the links for the Client-Side and Server-Side concentrations on the Web Developer link. The following are my current certifications through the BrainBench Test Center.

















--- Work Experience ---



Sitecore Specialist/DevOps Consultant: April 2017 – June 2017

Reston, VA



·   Worked with integrating various systems (reservation, invoicing, AR/AP) with Sitecore and ColdFusion implementations

·   Coordinating between various departments to work on DevOps standards

·   Employing “add ins” for Sitecore such as Glass Mapper

·   Heavy use of SQL Server from an administration level and working on various views to extract reservation information and transactions between AR/AP

·   In charge of PCI Compliance and PCI infrastructure


Development environments are varied from Microsoft and Sitecore and include; Visual Studio 2013 with .NET 4.5, C#, SQL Server 2016, REST Web Services, WCF, Sitecore 8.1, Google Postman, Web API, Django Framework, Python Microservices



Xeenius (www.xeenius.com)

K2 System Architect: November 2016 – April 2017

Remote/Onsite 70% Dallas TX



·   Worked with business and third-party vendors to create K2 solutions

·   Worked with infrastructure architects and managed a team of four to produce solutions that shortened the ability for franchise owners to take ownership of stores

·   Responsible for all documentation, gathering and discovery

·   Led scrum team on a semi-daily basis for deliverables

·   Ran various “workshops” to provide insight to K2 capabilities and scope out various screens for the two main applications.

·   Responsible for all UI/UX deliverables using Balsamiq then converting them to K2 SmartForms

·   Migration of SharePoint 2013 sites and conversions of existing codebases.

·   Migration of various smaller intranet applications into the SharePoint and K2 spaces

·   Collaboration with SharePoint tools was critical in sharing of deliverables

·   Created SharePoint 2013 site(s) to host applications

·   Created Responsive Mobile UI for SmartForms based on the banking application that was custom built

·   Created various SmartObjects that would interact with Oracle EBS library of custom services

·   Created custom service brokers to be used and consumed for future planned K2 projects


Development environments are varied from Microsoft and K2 and include; Visual Studio 2013 with .NET 4.5, C#, SQL Server 2016, REST Web Services, WCF, K2 Studio, K2 Workspace, K2 Designer (SmartObjects and SmartForms) K2 tools for Visual Studio, SharePoint 2013 and 2016, Heavy use of Balsamiq screen designing and UI/UX architecture.




Tactical Strategies (www.tactical-strategies.com)

WCF Technical Lead: March 2015 – December 2015 

Remote/Telecommute 50% Dallas, TX

Job Status – Contractor


·   Created WCF framework for a customer service-based/call center healthcare portal

·   Mentored internal employees on code and knowledge transfers

·   Integrated REST services with SOAP services based out of JAVA-based ESB

·   Heavy involvement with SQL Server 2012 data architecture

·   Used Caradigm data services with integration points within framework

·   Created custom UI model in MVC

·   Built two logical APIs in .NET with WCF and REST technologies for outside as well as internal consumption

·   Created full-featured administrative portal with .NET and third-party API

·   Built ETL portal that communicated with internal data warehouse using Informatica as well as SSIS.

·   Designed and created all database schemas and database to interact with third-party hosted APIs and applications

·   Architected several POC ESB solutions based around BizTalk and NServiceBus in preliminary development


Development environments are varied from Microsoft and include; Visual Studio 2013 with .NET 4.5, C#, SQL Server 2012, REST Web Services, BizTalk 2013 R2, LINQ and WCF, MVC 4, WebAPI, oData, .NET Microservices, AngularJS and NodeJS


HP (www.hp.com)

Workflow Architect, K2 SME: January 2014 – March 2015 


Job Status – FTE


·   Responsible for 3 team members, design, development and deployment of K2 workflows

·   Responsible for building and maintaining development, staging and production environments for K2

·   Worked on HL7 integration

·   Heavy use of Azure portals and management of such portals.

·   Integrated workflow solutions with Corticon rules engine services

·   Provided training for HP employees on workflow designs and practices

·   Worked slightly with CRM and AX Dynamics products for tracking, plugin development and integration.

·   Sharepoint 2013 development with K2 extensions as well as SharePoint app parts.

·   Participated in SmartForms design and development that integrated with various parts of a multi-tiered web application based in healthcare.

·   Used Sitecore 7.2 and 7.3 for CMS development and distribution of training.

·   Worked with various marketing and digital specialists using Sitecore’s marketing and social media integrations.

·   Integrated call center applications with newly built K2 systems to create a better experience for the call center employees.

·   Provided light Sitecore training for some of the team members

·   Worked on Nintex workflows moving them to K2 Blackpearl workflows within various SharePoint sites.

·   Worked with ESB/Biztalk architects for integration of workflow data

·   Created a full subscription based integration stack with BizTalk 2013, WCF and JSON with BigData



Development environments are varied from Microsoft and include; Visual Studio 2013 with .NET 4.5, C#, SVN (SubVersion), SQL Server 2012, Web Services, LINQ and WCF, Sitecore, MDD, BizTalk 2009 and 2013, MVC 4 and MVC 5 with Razor, JQuery UI, Nintex Workflow, K2 Blackpearl, K2 SmartForms.



Blue Mountain Labs (www.bluemountainlabs.com)

Infrastructure Architect, Security Implementation Consultant and TFS Release Manager: April 2011– April 2012 


Job Status – Contractor


·   Responsible for 5 service team members, design, development and deployment of WCF services, Java Web Services, MVC Design, some SilverLight concepts and MVVM (Model View ViewModel)

·   Responsible for Development/QA/UAT Infrastructure design and implementation for a team of 30+

·   New development was JBoss, Java and Java web services

·   Used DataPower for Java service brokering and communicating with legacy web services and securing new services.

·   IBM DataPower ESB tools

·   SOA Architecture concepts and design patterns

·   Designed multi-level infrastructure based on Windows 2008 R2 platform

·   Using several high-level tools such as Pega (within the Amazon Cloud) and Informatica Data Services across the server enterprise for a low-code approach to the cloud

·   Built cloud-based services to have limited dependency with other systems using SOAP and REST

·   Built Multi-Tiered system with WCF and Informatica

·   Worked in pure Agile/Scrum environment with two and three-week sprints

·   Standardized all services to WCF 4.0 Standards as well as REST for mobile

·   Worked on TFS Releases and Strategies

·   Integrated SharePoint with Google Docs


Tools Used: Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate, WCF 4.0, .NET 4.0, SQL Server 2008 R2, SOAP UI, Informatica Data Services, BizTalk 2010, Informatica PowerCenter, MVC Design Patterns, WCFStorm, RedGate Tools, Telerik tools, Microsoft Entity Framework, AppFabric, Windows Azure, PEGA Call Center Framework, Host Integration Server, SOA, Java Services, J2EE, Nintex Workflows, IBM Datapower appliances.



Starlight Solutions (http://www.starlightsolutions.com)

Programmer/Analyst/Architect (various positions): April 2010 – April 2011 and again from April 2013 until January 2014

Remote/Telecommute/Pittsburgh PA

Job Status – Contractor

·   Worked with the following clients on various development projects:

o    ACS – BizTalk integration with WCF and HL7

o    InRhythm – Developed MDM and .NET solutions using Google SDK, .NET, LINQ

o    Buzzhoney – Developed client application using JQuery, JavaScript, .NET 4.0, Expression Blend 2, SilverLight

o    Cannon Boilerworks – Developed client application, ASP.NET, SQL 2008

o    Armada Supply Chain Services – BizTalk Administration, BizTalk 2009, SQL Development, SQL Server 2008

o    Dick’s Sporting Goods – Various Database development tasks, SQL Server, Access, VB, C#

o    American Eagle – iPod/iPhone development, ASP.NET development, C#, Oracle

o    Bernie Rico Jr. Guitars – BackOfffice System development, Website development, Social Media, Accounting, Database development, SQL Server 2008, C#, ASP.NET

o    Carnegie Mellon University – Created interactive registration program for a conference that allowed for emailing, tracking and staff interaction with registrants. C#, ASP.NET, SQL Server, Web Services

o    Continued support for Mendix client TLHHC (please see below)



Development environments are varied from Microsoft and include; Visual Studio 2008 with .NET 3.5, AJAX, C#, SVN (SubVersion), SQL Server 2005 and 2008, Web Services, LINQ and WCF, Visual Studio 2010 with .NET 4.0



Programmer/Analyst: October 2009 – April 2010 


Job Status – Contractor

·   Worked on a password monitoring system for financial institution password compliance

·   Worked 100% Telecommute/Remote for the MBNA branch in Newark, DE.

·   Created a multi-tier solution that was based with WCF being accessed by web services, console applications and a web-based monitoring system.

·   As of March 2010, the application is to be expanded into SQL Server Reporting Services as well