Ameur Mezaache

  • Sr .Net Developer /Architect
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Member Since Jun 26, 2023

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Ameur Mezaache


-          Over 18 years of experience in Software Engineering.

-          15+ years of experience in .NET development (C#) using .Net Framework from 1.0 to 4.5, JavaScript, jQuery 

-          5 Years’ Experience / knowledge in OOP, MVC, Agile development methodology. 

-          4 Years’ Experience / knowledge in TFS 2012+ Visual Studio 2013,Visual Studio2015

-          5 Years’ Experience integration testing, and automated build process using Team Foundation Server. 

-          1 Year Experience in AngularJS, Bootstrap, Angular2, Ionic, NodeJS, MangoDB.

-          3 Years’ Experience in Microsoft Web API, web services, SOA (micro services), OAuth and OData. 

-          Strong problem-solving and analytical skills.

-          Team leader and team player.

-          Independent Projects: Developed a mobile apps using Cordova, Ionic, AngularJS, Xamarin.

-          UI Developer with 5+ years of experience in full stack UI web development using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript with solid MVC.


CAPITAL GROUP ,  Los Angeles, CA                                                                          06/2017 - Present

Software Tester Engineer

·         Helped development of a testing tool which integrates with Unit Testing Framework in order to increase productivity

·         Created a test cases scenario’s and generate test cases using SIA framework

·         Used Unit testing along with Reshaper to run the test cases

·         Created defects for failed test cases.

·         Used Jira for Project and issues tracking.

Technology used : C#, Unit Test , Selenium, SIA, Jira, bitbucket, Git, Visual Studio 2017, SqlServer2016.


TYCO INC, BOCA RATON, FL                                                                        July/2016- 05/2017

Senior .Net Developer /Architect

·         Architecting and Integration of Tyco as a service provider using a third part application called Service Channel and their clients systems as the service requester in order to track all the check-in and checkout statuses when jobs are completed or in pending state or any other status.

·         Tyco is a company that provides a security alarm system for their major customers like Chipotle.

·         Used C# service that has a controller model to process the tracking statuses

·         Integration of the C# service with Broker that sends back and forth messages using the web service end point.

·         Implemented new features to an existing application web app .

·         Used Jira for Project and issues tracking.



Technology Used:  C#, CB.NET, Entity Framework, Oracle DB, Web services, LINQ, IBM Broker, Dependency injection using Autofac framework, Atlassian,Jira, WebAPi, MVC5,,  and AngularJS.



RenovoFY, Fort Lauderdale, FL                                                                                  September 2015-July 2016

Senior .Net Architect hand’s on (Consultant)

·         Architecting and Integration financial modules related to Investment account management like funds allocations,  

·         The integration was implemented with azure cloud services.

·         Developed a rich AngularJS UI client side to bind data consumed from Acumatica API.

·         Maintain and enhance an enterprise web application.

·         Create Reports using SSRS as well SSIS for different database tasks.


Technology Used:  MVC5.0, Web API, AngualraJS, Bootstrap, Entity Framework, Azure, VB.NET,  SQL SERVER 2014



Dental Web , Melbourne, FL                                                                      February 2015- September 2015

Senior .Net Developer (Consultant)

  • Develop analytics software for marketing dentist practice in order to improve leads generation.
  • full stack UI web development using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript
  • Integrate Face book, twitter for marketing purpose.
  • Integrates with Google analytic API.

·         Implemented AngualraJS in the client side to bind the API data to the MVC views, implemented the bootstrap for responsive web pages..

·         Used Identity Membership for authentication with Oath for external users logging using Facebook, google.

  • Developed a standalone WPF a voice call tracking Desktop application as a thin client  in order for the dentist to track all their customers calling numbers using API called Sikkasoft  API
  • Additional functionality added to the call tracking WPF Desktop application to allow the customer service to manage all the received calls from the new and existing customers.


Technology Used:  MVC5.0, ASP.NET Web API, Bootstrap, WPF, Azure cloud, Entity Framework, AngularJS, TFS

 GoogleAPI, WCF, C#, Azure, SQL SERVER 2014


Ryder, Inc., Miami, FL                                                                                                    January 2014-January 2015

Senior .Net Architect/Developer (Consultant)


·         Participated in re-architecting an existing ASP.Net web forms web application called Blue Sky

·         Project was a work flow based multi-tier enterprise web portal application used by Ryder customers in order to fulfill the entire necessary requirement. 

·         Migration of the existing ASP.Net web forms to an MVC presentation and integrated all the business logic and data access into Model-View-Controller pattern.

·         Integration of 3rd party API (Active Pdf), web grabber and toolkit API to convert the pages into PDF documents.

·         Integration of Salesforce API by implementing restful web services in order to use Single Sign On functionality within Salesforce

Technology Used: ASP.NET 4.0, MVC4.0, Kendo UI, WebAPi, REST SERVICES,  Bootstrap, JSON, TFS, C#4.0,SalesForce,  SQL SERVER 2008 R2, Store Procedures, Entity Framework


, Miami, FL                                                                                                       May 2013- December 2013

Senior .Net Developer (Consultant)


·         Maintaining and enhancing the company e-commerce website

·         Implementation of credit card processing integration.

·         Troubleshooting of the production issues which some of them were related to the performance of the website.

·         Participated in the build and final release as well the deployment to the production server.

·         Developed a WCF and restful service for integration with Redwing which is a mobile app API and the backend to store the conversation in the database.

·         Allow the Inmate and the customer to communicate through a device called JP4 designed by; the inmate will be able to have a conversation with relatives.

·         The Inmate can post a message and get response back.

·         Developed a facility admin functionality which allows tracking the Inmate conversations as well save it for security purpose.

·         Used Jira for Project and issues tracking.

·         Developed an internal windows-form (desktop commissary e-commerce application) which allows the inmates to shop and by goods based on housing location as well facility locations.


Technology Used: ASP.NET 4.0,MVC4.0, C#4.0, SQL SERVER 2008, LINQ, WCF(Restful Services),JSON, JQUERY,AJAX, VISUAL STUDIO 2010,ENTITY FRAMEWORK 4.0, LINQTOXML,JIRA,GIT source control, UNIT TESTING, GIT, Shell Command




Biomed Intelligence, Fort Lauderdale, FL                                                             December  2012- May 2013

Senior .Net Developer /Team Lead (Consultant)


·         Development of Patient Portal which is an e-commerce external web application allows patients to refill for their prescriptions through the order fulfillment to the checkout process.

·         Implemented Credit card processing integration with Authorize.Net.

·         Deploy to production and troubleshoot the production critical issues with strategic manner.

·         Involved in development of RXVector project which has fully integrated workflow capabilities streamlined through configurable work queues and order processing automation.

·         Gathered data elements and business process requirements will move orders to the correct queue ensuring efficient patient and provider interactions.

·         Involved in creation of the data model using Erwin tool

·         Developed an Admin tool uses WPF and MVVM to track patients and doctor activities.

·         Developed SSIS package to export data from Oracle to a fixed length flat files.

·         Developed a Screen Capture tool to convert PNG files to PDF and store them in oracle database table.







Time Warner, El Segundo, CA                                                            November 2011-November 2012

Senior .Net Developer /Architect(Consultant)


·          Design and architecture of an Enterprise Employee Management web application (EMS).

·          Integration with other existing EMS’s from different regions within the company.

·          Import data from the Active Directory into SQL Server 2008/R2 database using SSIS tool.

·          Upgrade EMS from MVC2.0 to the new version (MVC3.0).

·          Developed complex drill down sales reports services which allows managers to track sales weekly, daily, etc...

·          Created reports allow tracking of customers billing data using SSRS.

·          Created Reports for employee’s activities tracking using SSRS.



Sapient, Miami Beach, FL                                                                                             November 2010- October 2011

Senior DOTNET Developer (Consultant)


·         Design and Implementation of test driven CMS application using MVC2.0 design pattern.

·         Developed WCF services and Rest Services which integrate with a CMS API called TRIDION.

·         Develop a height traffic e-commerce external web application for a promotional marketing purpose where the users purchases games online and their favorite ones to their wish list.

·         Troubleshoot Production performance related to Database tuning.

·         Develop a PDF report application as a web service which uses PDF4Net API in order to merge PDF.

·         Develop a promo manager as an internal web application using MVC2.0 which allows different access level managers to manage promotions and reports as well users.



Honda, Torrance, CA,                                                                                                     Marsh 2010- October2010

 Project Team Lead Architect/.Net Developer (Consultant)


·         Design High Volume OLTP (NGM: Next Generation Move): Auto Dealer Allocation SOA enterprise application.

·         Lead an offshore team to architect and develop an enterprise web application.

·         Tracked the team tasks and integrated all the modules into the system.

·         Unit Testing and code review.

Technology Used: ASP.NET.35, NHibernate for data access, Visual Studio 2008, Visual Studio 2010 ASP.NET.4.0,SqlServer2008, MVP (Model View Presenter), WCF, WWF, ILOG used as a Business Rule Engine which is integrated with the application, TFS, Jquery. , Ajax Spring.Net framework used for Logging, Exception, Caching, Rational Clear case as a source control, Validation.





USMP, Marina Delray, CA                                                                                            November 2008-February 2010

Project Team Lead/Architect/Developer (Consultant)


·         Role was 80% as a Senior .NET Developer/Architect and 20% as a Team Lead .

·         Migration of an asp legacy reporting web application into ASP.Net 3.5 web forms.

·         Responsible for Code review & Architecture (systems & application) .

·         Architect and developed an event scheduling MVC, ASP.NET web application  for the company managers in order to schedule their reps when they travel to different pet stores using WIN FORM and C#.

·         Architected, designed and developed a payroll system called e-time using WPF/MVVM technology.

Technology Used: ASP.NET3.5, WCF, MVC2.0, VB.NET, WWF, C#, AJAX, JQUERY,JSON,WPF, SQLSERVER2005, SSIS, SQL 2008, SSRS, XML, HTTP,SOAP and Visual Studio2008.


Information Logix, Marina Delray, CA                                                       May 2008-November 2008               

Senior .NET Developer (Consultant)   


·         Designed and developed high volume  Ecommerce Enterprise transactional web based application for one of the major clients using the latest .Net technology.

·         Implemented admin functionality for an ecommerce online application which is integrated with Amazon.Com using (AWS) web services (API) to display the product from Amazon website into the client website.

Technology Used: ASP.NET2.0, Win Form, ASP.NET3.0, C#, AJAX, SQL SERVER2005, SSIS, SSRS, HTML,  CSS, XML, HTTP, SOAP , 3rd party API s.



H&R BLOCK, Kansas City, MO                                                                     August 2007- May 2008

Software engineer Consultant 


·         Architecture and Design and development of high volume transactional  external web based application which allows customers to buy all kind of mattresses online.

·         Responsible for Code review & Architecture review (systems & application).

·         Participated on the deployment and troubleshooting of production issues.

·         Created Data Access and Business Logic layers.

·         Created a web service that interacts with different systems within the company.

·         Administration of Share point designer 2007 and creating Master pages and Contents as well web parts for the company intranet.

·         Developed web parts for the company intranet.

·         Developed work flow with InfoPath using Visual Studio 2005 with SharePoint designer.

Technology Used:  ASP.NET2.0, C#, XML, SOAP, SSIS, ORACLE10, Unix, and Shell, SQLServer2005, Web Service, XML, HTTP,SOAP, Windows Services, Win Form, AJAX, Share Point Designer2007.







Midland Loan Services Inc., Kansas City, KS                                                         September 2006- August2007

Software Engineer (Consultant)


·         Involved in a development of a Mortgage Enterprise SOA application.

·         Involved in the development the loan management services models.

·         Involved in creating business processes using BizTalk as well as the integration.

·         Involved in creating stored procedures.

·         Implemented CLS FRAMEWORK to accelerate the development

Technology Used:  ASP.NET2.0, C#, SSIS, SQLSERVER2005, Environment: BizTalk 2004, BizTalk2006,  SQL Server 2000, SQL Server 2005, SSIS, Web Services,(WSE) 2.0, MSMQ 3.0, Win Form and ASP.NET (1.1 and 2.0 .NET framework, Visual Basic.NET and Visual C #.NET), Sharepoint2007, XML, HTTP,SOAP.





Oakwood international, Santa Monica, CA                                                          October 2005- September 2006

Architect/Senior .Net Developer (Consultant)


·         Participated in architecting, designing and developing a high volume transactional performance SOA reservation Web Based System.

·         Data modeling and stored procedure development with Microsoft SQL Server 2000.

·         Implemented web services based on the business requirements.

Technology Used: ASP.NET, C#, BizTalk2004, web services, xml, SOAP, Http, Windows Services Siebel, SQL Server 2000.


Nestle, Glendale, CA                                                                                                     June 2004 October 2005

Architect/.Net Developer (Consultant)


·         Developed a Dashboard System that provided a common interface for various NESTLE employees to manage press releases, content distribution (News, Articles, Announcements, etc…)

·         Developed web services (sales reports data).

·         Developed work flow, web parts, InfoPath using Sharpoint2003 Designer tool.

Technology Used: ASP.NET, C#, XML, HTTP, SOAP, java script, Sharpoint2003, html, SQL Server 2000.













City National Bank, Los Angeles, CA                                                                        May 2001-May2004

Software Developer


·         Participated in the development of  a portal, using (ASP.NET, C#), to produce much of the functionality, finding it to be a valuable, time saving advantage.

·         The development of the Portal allows CNB Bank to increase the productivity of its employees, with the portal providing an efficient, user-friendly interface with necessary information and applications.

·         Complete development and architecture of a full cycle database driven Win Form software application.

·         Maintained databases by doing the performance tuning analysis and capacity planning, workload modeling, and systems support with long-term strategies using ASP, VB 6.0, COM and SQL Server 7.0.

Technology Used: ASP.Net, HTML, Java Script, C#, SQL Server 2000, XML, Web Services.



MSC in Computer Science                          1996-1998

 Florida Tech, Melbourne, FL