Narayan AVS

  • Sr .NET Developer / .NET Architect
  • West Chester, PA
  • Member Since Jun 26, 2023

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Narayan AVS


·          Overall experience of 12+ years in developing Applications, Product Development, Software maintenance.

·          4+ years’ experience in Systems Analysis, Design and Architecture.

·          Extensive Experience in developing SOA based applications.

·          Domain expertise in Enterprise Security and Identity Management.

·          Expertise in designing and developing applications involving multi-threading, concurrency, memory management and TDD.

·          Experience in Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and Database Programming using Stored Procedures, Triggers, Cursor and Indexes.

·          Hands on experience in programming Active Directory and LDAP systems.

·          Hands on experience on C#, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Java, C and UNIX.

·          Experience in leading teams [Effort estimation, task distribution, knowledge transfer planning, risk analysis and management].

·          Ability to work as an individual contributor and Experience in Agile methodology and Scrum Master.

·          Hands on experience in writing Low Level Design Documents [LLDD], High Level Design Documents [HLDD], Business Requirement Specification [BRS], SRS, Admin Guides and Release Notes.

·          Extensive experience in developing software using OOAD and in UML modeling using Rational Rose, Ration XDE and Enterprise Architect.

·          Experience and understanding of delivering and planning Service Packs/Patches/Quick Fixes to the software.


Technical Skills



Used C# for more than 10 years. Experience in designing and developing application frameworks using C#. Used LINQ expressions, exceptions, collections, extension methods, threading, asynchronous methods, task library and other appropriate C# constructs.



Used C on Unix for 2 years.



Used Java for 4 years intermittently. Supported JSP, Servlet and Swings applications.

Web Frameworks

Used ASP, ASP.NET, and ASP.NET MVC 3.0/4.0/5.0 as main web application frameworks. Applied technologies like AJAX, REST, jQuery, JavaScript, JSON, SignalR and knockout based on the technical need. Experience with PHP and Drupal.



Used Oracle [ODP.NET Drivers], Sql Server and My Sql as database providers using .NET. Developed stored procedures, functions using PL-SQL/T-SQL. Designed database schemas using knowledge of normalization, database performance using indexes. Developed custom Data access layer based on ADP.NET and used entity framework. Using NoSQL databases such as Mongo and Couchbase.


Web Services

Developed web services using ASP.NET Web service framework, Cordys, WCF basing on the project. Used several WCF bindings as needed. Have extensive experience in using SOAP UI and understating in WSDL, WSDL basic compliance.


Java Script

Used JavaScript and JavaScript based controls. Have good understanding on DOM and JavaScript relationship. Used SignalR, AnjularJS, Cassette, JQuery and JQuery UI controls. Understanding of other java script frameworks like dojo.


Unit Testing

Used NUnit, xUnit and MS Unit to develop unit test cases. Have expertise in designing regressions and relating code coverage, branch coverage metrics with unit test code. Used Selenium using Java for UI Unit test cases.


Agile and Scrum

Have experience in agile and scrum concepts. Acted as scrum master, owner and participant in several teams. Used tools like mingle, Jira, pivotal and rally.


Modeling tools

Used Rational Rose, rational XDE, Enterprise Architect, and Visual Studio for generating or authoring UML diagrams. Used Expression Blend, Balsamic, Pencil project etc. for creating UI mockups.



Incotec-IncoPlan, Epicor(Activant) eclipse and Prophet 21.


Used XML very extensively, LDAP frameworks, SPLUNK. Hands-on experience on developing applications using Azure platform and AppFabric. Implemented full scale Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana solution. Used nxLog to ship logs from various log sources to Elasticsearch.


Versioning tools

Used SVN, TFS, Perforce and Win CVS.








Brandywine Global Investment Management, PA –Senior Developer/Architect


Provided architectural support for front office and back-end systems. Laid down road map for SOA. Designed and implemented core enterprise level components.



·          Designed and implemented an enterprise logging solution using Elasticsearch, Kibana, Logstash and nxLog.

·          Designed application framework for the SOA platform.

·          Enhancements to Rebalancer, a Front Office application. Developed tools for FACTSET.

·          Analyzed the logging needs of the existing applications.

·          Evaluated Splunk and ELK stack to address the logging needs.

·          Designed a web service for application logging.

·          Implemented ELK stack and nxLog for the existing log destinations.

·          Developed custom dashboards using Kibana.

·          Designed application components for the existing applications.

·          Developed design for the planned web services framework.

·          Upgraded Elastic search from version 1.4.1 to 2.1.0

·          Developed a monitoring and alerting service around elastic search.

·          Developed enterprise caching service using redis.

·          Developed enterprise configuration service using redis and chef.

·          Developed Configuration Admin UI using Angular JS.

·          Developed a proprietary RESTful web service to deploy it over AWS and available over WWW.

·          Evaluated Azure platform for MS Dynamics.

·          Automate deployment and provisioning VMs and deploy systems on Amazon WEB,Azure using apps.

·          Create container setup for the QUANTITY and Service applications.

·          Used Ansible, Chef recepies and Cloud foundry for the Devonshire operations.


07/2013 – 12/2014

Comcast Cable, West Chester, PA- Architect




Designed reusable UI components called widgets for Home Security, Café and Einstein Projects using ASP.NET MVC 3.0/4.0/5.0, jQuery, REST, WCF, Entity Framework and SQL Server. Designed and developed logging component using WCF and Splunk, mock service infrastructure using WCF and ASP.Net MVC 3.0. Designed widgets for Café and Einstein projects. Developed unit test cases using MS-Test. Currently Architect for Sustenance Engineering and TechTools teams.



·          Developed reusable UI components called Widgets for Xfinity Home Security using ASP.NET MVC 3.0, JQuery, CSS and WCF.

·          Integrated widgets with Grandslam application

·          Created a common framework for widgets.

·          Designed toolkits [Header, Diagnostics, Account Health, Indicators, Alerts, Useful Tools, Oracle document search, Payment, Channel Lineup, AUPM, CMS, HIC] for Café and Einstein projects.

·          Developed a MockService setup for faster unit test case development.

·          Developed a test UI to detect memory leaks in the widgets.

·          Developed a template for design documents and co-authored widget consumer guides.

·          Developed various proof of concepts for Azure, InRelase, Couchbase, Oracle Knowledge Management (.NET based) and Ruby on Rails.

·          Designed Caching, Logging and Fault tolerance component.

·          Designed and developed a ping tool for application endpoint health check.

·          Evaluated SPLUNK, FluentD, Couchbase, WSO2, nxLog, PostSharp, Xamarin studio and Mono IDE for solution proposals.

·          Evaluated ELK stack for log consolidation infrastructure.

·          Designed data analysis engine using elastic search – smart connect.

·          Collaborate with Business owners to create and groom user stories.

·          Design and develop prototypes for customers.

·          Designed and managed porting of CDT Services for Couchbase repository.

·          Implementing Continuous integration for all CDT Services and Widgets using TeamCity.

·          Implementing a REST API using ASP.NET WebAPI for Domain Services.

·          Leading Database tuning activities.

·          Evaluated Azure platform. Implemented a local cloud application.

·          Production support calls when required.



Endo Pharmaceuticals, Malvern, PA- Senior Developer .NET


Supported Urochart and patient portal products developed using Asp.Net MVC 3, Entity Framework, jQuery, REST and WCF. Designed and implement MS SQL Server migration plan. Developed Unit test case framework using xUnit and implemented regressions. Integrated solution with the TeamCity for Continuous Integration.



·          Developed framework to obfuscate the patient data in the backups.

·          Migrated MySQL based code to Database independent DAL based code.

·          Designed a web components for existing Windows UI based product called HITS 2.0

·          Developed Web services for cross product integrations.

·          Ported touch panel related C++ code to 64 bit compilation.

·          L4 Production support.




ModSpace , Malvern, PA- Technical Analyst



Customized a third billing product by extending its interfaces. Collected the requirements from the business and finance teams to identify plugin needs. Developed SunGard Ambit plugins using C#. Developed various tools using ASP.Net and WCF for sales and finance teams. Developed several tools for deployment and configuration.


Developed Android native application for asset location management using Java, Eclipse.



·          Implemented NorthenArch-42 product for ModSpace

·          Analyzed existing billing system and derived business validations and rules for the new implementation.

·          Designed and Developed validation plugins using C#, SQL Server and 42 API.

·          Created Data Migration scripts between Oracle and SQL Server

·          Developed deployment tools for validation plugins.

·          Developed android application to record asset GPS location and photographs after installation.

·          Documented the process of developing a validation plugin.

·          Availability for support of Front Desk executives.

·          Supported application as a part time developer during first UAT and production deployment.




iSite Info, MA - Programmer


Installed and Implemented Eclipse distribution basic customizations for Metropolitan Pipe & Supply Company, Cambridge and Harry Cooper Supply Company Springfield, MO. This ERP is specific to some industries and not a common technology. Extensively read the documentation for each feature request from the customers.



·          Generated scripts for Data migration to the eclipse database schema.

·          Upgraded eclipse from 8.6.2 to 8.6.9 and 8.7.2,

·          Installed various companion products such as Order Scan, Outbound Email, Web Commerce, Time Clock, Credit Cards etc.

·          Created custom reports as per requirement.

·          Used Business Connect XML to integrate with various vendors.

·          Served support requests from the customers for Web Track and various companion products.



11/2008 – 04/2010

Cordys, Hyderabad, India – Senior Engineer


Developed UI Unit test framework using Selenium, Java, and JUnit. Developed regression test cases for Cordys WS-Apps severe. Developed tools to automate WSDL and web service basic compliance as part of regressions. Developed Cordys solutions for customers using WS-Apps, XForms, and BPM and Workflow components. Implemented Cordys solutions [external web service integration, message mapping, BPM and workflow] for customers.



·          Designed and Developed a Java and Selenium based UI Unit framework to easily generate browser independent UI Unit automation.

·          Developed Java based API for creating a custom Cordys connector.

·          Developed customer applications using XForms, WS-App Server, MDM, BPM, Workflow and Web Services.

·          Evaluated training guides for the product partners.

·          Created and executed test cases for WS-App server component of Cordys Platform.

·          Help recreate the customer issues in lab and maintain VMs for popular customer configurations.


03/2006 – 11/2008

BMC Software, Pune, India- Staff Product Developer


Developed SPML provisioning server in BMC Control-SA product line to enable Microsoft Identity Integration Server provision non Microsoft Systems like AS/400, Oracle, and Linux etc. Used C#, .NET 2.0, TCP/IP. Developed XModule studio using Java which helps customers I developing custom Control-SA provisioning connectors using Java, TCL and Perl.



·          Reverse engineered an undocumented 15 year old Control SA protocol using network sniffers and reading C code.

·          Helped in drafting SPML 2.0 specifications.

·          Developed.NET and Java frameworks for SPML.

·          Created API for BMC Control SA protocol which is used in propagating the Provision information from and to the provisioning systems.

·          Worked with Microsoft MIIS team to integrate MIIS with BMC Control SA servers.

·          Developed an IDE – XModule to generate custom provisioning agents using TCL, Perl, Java and .NET

·          L3 and L4 support activities.

·          Maintenance of the Business Units SharePoint sites.

·          Generated ESCROW documents and media. Followed up ESCROW certification for each Fix Pack, Service Pack and Major Release.


03/2004 – 02/2006

Visual Soft Technologies, Hyderabad, India – Senior Software Engineer


Developed Data Access, Security, MVC, Core and Alpha components for Motorola CSR system. Used ASP.NET, C#, ADO.NET, NUnit, FxCop for developing code. Developed admin module using ASP.NET for configuring and setting up CSR system for customers.



·          Participated in requirements gathering effort from an existing Oracle Forms application of client.

·          Collaborated in the design of C#, .NET based application framework.

·          Created and maintained Low Level Design Documents for framework components using Rational Rose.

·          Developed and maintained Data Access Layer, Provider Updater, AJAX controls and Admin console of the client application.

·          Developed a windows based CI tool to run unit tests and FxCop rules on the code to generate code coverage and regression metrics.

·          Developed Unit Tests using NUnit and Parasoft Unit Test case generator.

·          Developed application modules using Visual Studio .NET, Visual Studio 2003, ASP.NET, C#, JavaScript, Telerick controls. SQL Server 2005, Oracle 8 and MySQL.


03/2001 – 03/2004

SSPS, Hyderabad, India – Associate/Intern Software Engineer


Developed a proof of concept for Home Security device automation. Developed and maintained in house systems for time keeping, bulk file copy, media conversion using C#, ASP.NET Windows forms. Developed intranet portal using ASP.NET.



·          Learnt AT command set and implemented a .NET API for generating AT commands.

·          Developed a windows service to generate AT commands and send to a SMS receiving module.

·          Developed a windows application to constantly look for notifications for the alerts from Database.

·          Developed and maintained C#, ASP.NET and SQL Server 2005 based intranet web application for use of call center agents.

·          Developed C#, .NET based windows utilities for copying the sound recordings from remote folders, read ID3 tags of the MP3 files to generate Data of length , author and subject of the recording.







M.C.A. March 2004, Osmania University


B.Sc., Computer Science, March 2001, Osmania University