Ramesh Nadarajah

  • Sr. Principal, Enterprise Cloud Architect
  • Dallas, TX
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Ramesh Nadarajah


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Ø  Certified SISA – Systems Integration Solution Architect (by Accenture/Avanade)

Ø  Certified Information Technology Architect (CITA-F) by IASA

Ø  Sitecore Certified Professional Developer

Ø  Certified Insite Commerce Developer

Ø  Certified Scrum Master (CSM)




INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY (IIT) - Kharagpur - West Bengal- India     (1988 - 1992)   

Bachelor of Technology (Honors) in Electronics & Electrical Communication Engineering                         




Ramesh is an experienced Sr. Enterprise Level Architect with 24+ years of IT industry experience providing end to end solutions for various industry and customers and always innovating the way to improve. He has participated in Presales, Roadmaps, Solutioning, Planning, Architecting, Designing, and Leading small to larger team of engineers, providing architecture Assessment, Recommendations, code reviews and implementations of enterprise level Cloud, Digital, Azure Pack, RackSpace OpenStack & CMS solutions. He has experience and knowledge of using variety of technologies on Web, Mobile, CMS , Cloud, Azure, Big Data, Streaming Analytics & digital marketing using various technologies and has been a proved IT leader. Ramesh has been continuously involved and learning the cutting edge technologies to provide the appropriate end to end solutions to solve problems. He has provided leadership from presales to all the way through delivery of projects successfully and has been managing small to larger team of onsite and offshore resources.


Ramesh has been providing consulting on Cloud, CMS, Enterprise Level Technology Architecture for customers from several domains including Oil & Gas, Energy, Utility, Banking, Finance, HR, Retail, Tax, Insurance, Manufacturing, Healthcare Insurances & Practices, Media, Pharmaceuticals, Automobile, Shipping and Warehousing, Courier, ecommerce, Aero Space and aircraft parts, Advertising, Education, Engineering industries and Real Estates.




Customer: - 3M – Corporate Research & Development – Cloud, IoT Architect & Scrum Master, Dallas, TX (04/2017 – Present)


Ramesh has been working at 3M - R & D at IoT Discovery Lab and working closely with Microsoft on building state of the art and new cutting edge technology on designing and implementing Cloud & IoT solutions connecting millions of streaming devices in Cloud using IoTHub, Streaming Analytics & Big Data using Cosmos DB – DocumentDB, Data Lake Store. Due this being an innovation and research oriented, Ramesh created quick prototypes, POC and worked closely with Microsoft point of contacts in in identifying upcoming releases and updates to the Azure that can be added to the solution.


Created business problem into Solutions architecture and modules that can be created iterations in agile and sprints.  Created Azure Resource Manager (ARM) template to consistently create and deploy Cloud Resources and Services such as Web, SQL Server, SQL DB, IoTHub, Data Lakes, Data Lake (based on Hadoop HDFS), Streaming Analytics Job with Input as IoTHub and Outputs as CosmosDB & Data Lake, Event Hub and Query setup in Streaming Analytics Jobs for routing messages, Machine Learning, VMS and so on, integrated and deployed applications. Created templated cloud resources using .NET SDK for cloud and integrated with parameterized ARM – PowerShell, CLI for seamless execution and deployment.


Configured the Cloud Portal, adjusted scaling options based on usage and loads, created custom Dashboard to monitor performance using counters & instrumentations. Designed and implemented Devops in Visual Studio online project and created Cloud based Deployment Slots for development, qa, staging & production and setup Continuous Integration to build and deploy, swap & rollback. Created Paas & IaaS solutions and built custom infrastructure with multiple domain controllers, traffic manager, load manager, server farm based websites, data base cluster with SQL Always on between multiple data centers for data synchronizations. Created Azure dashboards that instruments health of the azure deployments, Application Insights and setup alerts for notifications based on warning and critical issues warnings.

In addition, Ramesh has also played a role also as Scrum Master to lead a team of Azure, IoT, Big Data and Web development, managed scope, sprints and drive the team towards successful delivery. Lead the daily standups, resolve impediments, managed burn down charts, team velocity, write status reports to the stake holders, created presentations, presented during sprint reviews and managed customer expectations.


Environment: Azure, IoTHub, EventHub, Big Data - Cosmos DocumentDB, Data Lake Store, Blob Storage, Hadoop file system, ARM Template, AWS, JSON, PowerShell, RESTful Service, Micro Services, SSO, Azure Data Encryption, USQL – Azure Data Analytics, .NET Azure SDK & RESTful API, ADL Tools for Visual Studio, PowerShell, CLI



Customer: - Frontier Communications (Consulting)   Sitecore Solutions Architect /Lead   Dallas,TX (09/2016 – 03/2007)


Ramesh has re-designed and provided roadmap and Sitecore end to end solution architecture, lead and managed the creating and hosting of the organizations web portal and applications on IaaS Cloud. Lead Sitecore engineers, performed code reviews and recommendations. For POC, installed Sitecore 8.1 and configured on Azure, Planned scaling and deployment on Hyper-V VMs, Windows 2012 R2 Servers for System, Storage and Networking by creating scalable Azure Websites for CM & CD Web and Databases, Message Queuing, Mongo, SOLR, Traffic Manager, Load Balancer and Network Devices, Files & Blob data services and Fabric storage caching, Service Bus. Designed templates, resources, personalized components with rules editor and deployed Sitecore and implemented Adobe DTM for Analytics data collection. Measured website performance & caching with on demand scaling to improve real time performance.


Environment: Sitecore 8.1, Windows Server 2012 R2, Azure, Mongo DB 3.2, Analytics, BI, Solr 5.2.1, Adobe DTM, SQL Server 2014, ASP.NET, MVC 5, C#, CSS, Bootstrap, Mobility, SOA, RESTful Service, Micro Services



Customer: - Microsoft (Consulting)    Redmond, WA    Solutions Architect (Azure/Sitecore)           (04/2016 – 09/2016)

Ramesh has provided consulting services on providing end to end Cloud architecture roadmap, assessment & recommendations of Microsoft’s worldwide launch of Device Partner Center (DPC) web site that was built on the Sitecore 8.1 CMS Experience platform to be hosted on Azure infrastructure (IaaS) & Hyper-V System Center Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) by providing best practices on deploying, design, deployment, infrastructure & scalability with multiple instances on Azure Cloud that are distributed across various geo graphical regions around the globe. Lead a team of engineers and developers and performed reviews and recommendations for improvement.

Created ARM – template for deploying cloud & big data solutions with Cosmos - DocumentDB &  Data Lake store.

Ramesh has provided new Azure re-architecture, gaps and recommendations for target infrastructure architecture for performance, failover & assisted on implementation to load balance the traffic around the globe, failover and synching data on the SQL Cluster with SQL Always On. Created the environment on 3 subnets with multiple content author and delivery servers around the globe’s data centers for performance and failover.

Assisted in designing and creating the infrastructure for staging & production environment setup and configured with source control (TFS, TDS) to deploy the application. Created Azure cloud services, load balancers, VMs and installed and configured Sitecore, Mongodb, SOLR and configured load balance & duplication with master/slave configurations with fail over scenario between Azure data centers across the globe with performance design.

Documented the architecture & design using Sparx Enterprise Architect.


Environment: Sitecore 8.1, Azure, Mongo DB 3.2, Solr 5.2.1, Azure Windows 2012 R2 Data Center, Traffic Manager, Cloud Services, Load Balancer (performance & failover), SQL Server Listener, SQL Server 2014 – SQL Always On, ASP.NET, MVC 5, C#, CSS, Bootstrap, Mobility, Sparx Enterprise Architect



Employer: - Avanade, Dallas TX    Solution Architect (Group Manager),                     Digital Service Lines (09/2013 – 03/2016)

Ramesh being a certified SISA – Systems Integrations Solutions Architect, provided leadership in presales activities, end to end Solution Architecture, Estimates, Budgeting, Resourcing and lead deliveries of various projects for Avanade/Accenture clients.


He has led several engagements as Sr. Solutions Architect and Platform Delivery Lead to implement custom end to end solutions using Azure, Big Data, Sitecore CMS, ASP.NET and SharePoint, Lync, C#. .NET for several customers such as Entergy, DR Horton, Dow Chemicals, Angus Chemicals, AutoNation, Devon Energy, Halliburton, Mizhuho Bank.


Ramesh has lead several ends to ends Azure, Big Data, CMS environment and application re platform and deliveries.


Performed several Azure, IaaS, PaaS, Sitecore implementations by leading strategy and planning sessions along with hands on Out Of the Box (OOB) configurations and using ARM template based deployments.


Ramesh has lead infrastructure and applications to upgrade them from legacy to new on premise and Azure cloud infrastructure. Coordinated and conducted workshops with SMEs for 1000 applications for migrations and interviewed them for information gathering and data collections and to planned for modernization on a new on premise based private Azure, led application migration team to migrate over 1000 applications on new 400+ Windows 2012 R2 multi-Tenant based hybrid Azure using tools such as AppZero.


Environment: Azure, Big Data, Streaming, System Center, IaaS, Sitecore CMS 7.5, 8.1, COTS, Eloqua, Taleo, ASP.NET MVC, HTML 5, Bootstrap, Angular.JS, xDB, Analytics, MongoDB (Big Data), SEO, 51 degree Mobi, TOGAF, Zachman, Estimation Models, Lync/Skype for business SDK, API, C#, WCF, RESTful¸ CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, Coveo, SOA, SharePoint 2013, Lync Server, Exchange Server (EWS), Enterprise Architecture, Java, Authentication Token Services, Token Hashing & Validation, IIS, WireShark - Network Package Tracing, .NET Performance Counters, Azure, AppZero.

Employer: - UST Global                       Solutions Architect                                                   (06/2009 – 09/2013)          

Ramesh has worked as Sr. Architect at UST Global - Technology Services using Microsoft and related technologies.

During this time Ramesh was responsible for providing technology leadership, business analysis, delivery leadership at various customer accounts of UST including providing Architecture Solutions, Estimations and Road Maps with relevant Technology Stacks, Creation of Data Architecture and data integration among multiple data sources, Roadmaps & Products, tools, technology evaluations and recommendations, Providing application and architecture assessment and recommendations and created Current State and Future State (As Is/To Be) of application portfolios and architecture and provided tactical and strategic based recommendations.

Ramesh provided assessment of People, Process, Technology and SOA audits and solutions recommendations. UML Modeling with Sparx Enterprise Architect tool, Created Architecture best practices and approaches, Created Estimation models for new development, design, Created score cards and measures of systems on relevant attributes on application, architecture states and provided solutions, guidelines, approaches to fix the gaps and to improve. Created white papers and documents on review on .NET 4 and related technologies.

Ramesh has experience architecting applications with ASP.NET 4, MVC 4, Entity Framework, and Silverlight with Prism, Rich Internet Applications (RIA) and services, Silverlight with Microsoft Extensible Framework (MEF 4), WCF.

Worked on Reverse Engineering, reengineering and recommended approaches with multiple options of upgrading the legacy systems to .NET platform with Pros/Cons of each along with their estimates, Created scorecard systems for application, architecture for their current statuses, Created Sparx Enterprise Architect UML models deliverables (Requirements, Domain, Components, Class, Activity/Sequences, Traceability Models), Created ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) based SOA model solution based on.NET 4 and Biztalk 2010, Created Road Maps to future states of applications with customer Enterprise Architecture requirement objectives, time lines, budget and technology stack and directions.

Led consulting engagement at various customers on assessment on process and technology with Zachman and TOGAF methodologies and provided technology recommendations based on Enterprise Service Bus.

Ramesh also had hands on experience and knowledge in .NET and Microsoft Technologies. The most significant works done at various UST Global accounts are:-

Project at:- Bank of America – Dallas, TX, Solutions Architect Industry: Home Loans/Mortgage/Foreclosure

Ramesh has worked on the Bank's Enterprise Architecture group supporting multiple projects and providing architectural leadership, guidelines, best practices, permit to build, alternate architecture solutions application, Integration Architecture with external systems, security policies. Ramesh has created Enterprise and Solution Architecture deliverables for applications that use multiple technologies add platforms with Conceptual, Logical and Physical architecture views, provided alternate architecture analysis, Data and systems integration analysis and provided conceptual approach to integrating systems, Provided infrastructure analysis and design with business intelligence, integration tiers with SSL, digital certificates, Single Sign-On, SAML, Authorization and Security Audit, Participated in requirements and application analysis and provided technical and non-functional requirements, Performed permit to build analysis, Participated in HLD and LLD design sessions and provided architecture inputs and validated designs for enterprise architecture compliances.

Environment: .NET 4.5, C#, ASP.NET MVC, iSeries, Oracle, SQL Server Data Mart, OLAP,SSL, HTTPS, SAML, Web Services, WSDL, TOGAF, Enterprise Architecture

Project at:- Fidelity – West Lake, TX                                                                 Industry: Finance, HR/Benefits       

Ramesh has lead the design and development of cloud based Finance, HR benefits application for Fidelity and its customer EDS/HP. The application has used Open Source technologies such as Oracle Open Office Base, Calc as client with MySQL database in Linux-Ubuntu in the cloud. The role involved analyzing requirements, planning the architecture, design, development, project planning, and deployment.

Environment: Apache / Oracle Open Office Base, Calc, ODBC, MySQL, Linux Ubuntu on the Cloud. 


Project at:- E-Global Merchant – for Mexico       Solution Architect                         Industry: Finance         

Ramesh has been leading the Solutioning of E-Global Merchant Center Online portal for merchants to manage the business accounts for customer's credit cards point of sale (POS) transactions from multiple card issuers and merchant banks with authorizing gateway, Lead the proposal for Solutioning approach, identification of Open Source Technology and estimations. 

Environment: Apache HTTPD Web Server, F5 - Load balancer, Apache Tomcat, Oracle, Informix, Sybase Data Warehouse. 


Project at:- Emdeon – Nashville, TN        Sr. Architect                                               Industry: Health Care        

Ramesh has been involved in design and development of highly secured Patient Pay Online and Electronic Cash Payment application in restructuring them to PCI compliance by separating the application into PCI and Non-PCI domain with WCF Services, designed and developed the Claims based SAML Single Sign-On and using X.509 Certificates between Non-PCI and PCI domain where the application redirect the users into the PCI domain to make payment.

Modeled UML based process architecture and design documents using Sparx Enterprise Architect. 

Environment: ASP.NET MVC, C#, Component Space2 SAML (Claims based authentication), WCF, Sparx Enterprise Architect 9.3, HIPPA.


Project at:- WellPoint – Richmond, VA         Sr. Architect                                             Industry: Health Care        

Ramesh has been working as Enterprise Architect. He has involved in identifying performance issues on the Member Portal (anthem.com) with Gomez and Web Page Test. Analyzed the performance data and provided Score Card based on focus area and provided recommendations to improve web site performance.

Collaborate with users, Bas for requirements analysis and review and perform architectural impacts and estimation and design, Researched on Content Delivery Network (CDN). Provided technical assistance on architecture and performed designs and estimates reviews on projects, Created UML designs for application requirements and behaviors among components and interactions among them via WCF Service contracts. Designed and developed the application and servicers with SOA based WCF services and performed reviews and coordinate with offshore development team.


Environment: ASP.NET 4, C#, MVC 3, 4, Web API, WCF 4, REST Services, Gomez – Performance, WebPage Test - Performance, Pex & Moles- Unit Testing Framework, Web Page Test, HIPPA, Visio, Performance Counters,


Project at:- KPMG – Montvale, NJ  (Innovation Architect/Scrum Master)    Industry: Tax/Financial        

Ramesh has lead the innovation projects at KPMG are more on identifying and researching on latest technologies, POC and proposing newer ways of architecting the applications for better usability of the applications. His responsibilities involved leading the Innovation projects at KPMG with an offshore team, leading the agile processes and scrum meetings, sprint planning, create and manage backlogs as Scrum Master, defining Data Architecture and data integration among multiple data sources from multiple domains, Enterprise Solution, architecture guidelines and information architecture, created and managed the TFS Azure for Sprint with MSF template, Backlog, Tasks planning and monitoring and administered the TFS, Researched and evaluated the tools and technologies, created Proof of Concept (POC) for Dynamic Dashboards and Widgets, Silk Project guidance, Mobile applications POCs with Phone Gap, Created Product Backlogs for each sprint for agile development, Mentored the team and acceptance of code


Environment: ASP.NET 4, C#, WCF-REST/JSON Services, SQL Server 2008, Dynamic Dashboards, Dojo Tool Kit, Sencha Mobile, Phone Gap, HTML 5, Silverlight 4, TFS Azure, Axure prototyping.


Project at:- Vanguard – Philadelphia, PA  (Sr. Architect)                                                          Industry: Financial                  

Ramesh has lead the analyze of the Vanguard's "Pinnacle" and "Insyte" legacy VB6 based applications that perform customer management and backend services of Retirement based Investment processing of external employees from different employers and customers.

Created assessment and recommendations document on modernizing the legacy applications to .NET platform with multiple options from converting with tools such as Artinsoft and Visual Studio.NET Migration Wizard. Provided Pros and Cons for each option with Estimation Models for each option to help compare effort and cost, Enterprise solution and information architecture.


Environment: VB6, COM, ActiveX User Controls, Visual Studio.NET 2010, WFC, ArtinSoft VBUC.


Project at:- Saxon Mortgage – Dallas, TX  (Sr. Architect)                                                          Industry: Mortgage      

Ramesh has performed enterprise architecture assessment at Saxon to assess people, process and technology with TOGAFF and Zachman framework and created the enterprise context, integration and reference architecture and provided guidance and recommendations for ESB, Enterprise solution and information architecture.


Environment: Enterprise Service Bus, Biztalk, SOA, Enterprise Architect Tool, Visual Studio .NET 2010, C#, Visio.


Project at:- Harland Clarke – San Diego, CA    (Sr.Architect)                                         Industry: Education Services

Ramesh has reverse engineered legacy VB6 and .NET based applications and services into Sparx Enterprise Architect based UML models with component, domain, class, requirements, use cases and traceability matrix, Enterprise solution and information architecture.


Environment: SOA solution, Enterprise Architect Tool, Visual Studio .NET 2010, C#, VB6, SQL Server 2005, Visio.


Project at:- WalMart Stores - Home Office, Bentonville, AR    (Managing/ Architect)       Industry: Retail, Travel                        Wal-Mart as one of the Global Account for UST and this was the first project to showcase UST’s capability to deliver enterprise class applications, Ramesh’s roles as Managing Architect involved in working with sales teams and customer in acquiring new projects. Ramesh’s  role included creation of Enterprise Architecture solution and road maps, Sales support for new opportunities and technology advice, Engaging and managing customers on various opportunities and be a bridge between the client, stakeholders and technical and top management, Reverse engineer the legacy ASP, VB6, SQL Server, DB2, Informix based online travel systems and produced estimation for costing and resource requirements, solution architecture based on ASP.NET MVC 2, roadmap to redevelop and prioritizing, Enterprise architecture, Information Architecture, Analyzed Wal-Mart's Enterprise Travel Systems which includes Commercial, Corporate and charted Travels. Analyzed pieces of various Travel Systems used such as custom built Online Travel, Get There, Sabre, My Sabre, Turbo Sabre, GDSX, AQUA, Turbo Sabre Robots, Flight Operating System, AV Track, Flight Safety, Agresso Central Command, ASI, ARC, created an Enterprise Architecture and a roadmap and an approach to integrating the Wal-Mart's Travel Systems thus integrating multiple teams into one, created project plans and managing the teams for the activities and run the show, Weekly status reporting to all stakeholders, identify and managed risk and issues and keep all informed.


Environment: SOA solution, Enterprise Architect Tool, Visual Studio .NET 2010, C#, VB6, Java, Informix, SQL Server 2005, Visio, Log4Net, Easy PDF.


Project at:- DELL, TX    (Sr. Architect)                      Industry: eCommerce                                          

Worked on the high level context architecture and solution for eDistribution of software and services proposal for Dell using Cactus Commerce, SharePoint 2010, Commerce Server, BizTalk Server.


Environment: SharePoint 2010, Commerce Server, Biz Talk, Cactus Commerce Server.

Project at:- AutoVIN, Atlanta, GA    (Sr. Architect)                                             Industry: Automobile                          

Application & architecture review, recommendation, solution architecture assignment at AutoVIN, which does inspection & audit of vehicles on behalf of its client for lease check & lot checks. My role included Existing Application & Architecture Analysis, Reverse Engineer the business and technical requirements at high level, Creation of architecture assessment report based on the current issues and challenges faced by customer in terms of performance and lack of efficiency in adding more new client into their system, proposed a new Solution Architecture and road map for proposed development.


Environment: SOA solution, Enterprise Architect Tool, Visual Studio .NET 2008, C#, VB6, SQL Server 2005, Visio.


Project at:- H&R Block, Kansas City, MO   (Sr. Architect)                                  Industry: Tax/Finance                          

Developed the Solution Architecture for an iPhone based application for H & R Block. Responsible Overall Solution and Technical Architecture & Design, Technical analysis of Requirements and reverse engineer and re architecture existing web based functionalities into iPhone application architecture, Converting the business strategies and vision into solutions, Define the road map of development processes and strategies, Identify and select the technologies, Identify and architect reusable SOA components for enterprise architecture strategies, Oversee & manage the development process. 


Environment: Visual Studio.NET 2008, NET Framework 3.5, ASP.NET, C#, IIS, SQL Server 2005, Sybase, iPhone, Web Services, SOAP, Visio, Silverlight.


Dollar Financial Group, Berwyn, PA       Solutions Architect                                                    (09/2008 –05/2009) 

Ramesh has provided end to end solutions of Cash Credit and Point of Sale businesses which include Pay Day Advance, Money Shop, Money Mart Shop in the North American and in the European countries wide.


Environment: Visual Studio.NET 2008, WCF/WF, NET Framework 3.0,3.5, ASP.NET, C#, IIS, SQL Server 2005,Web Services, SOAP, Visio, AJAX, Telerik, Infragestics – Net Advantage, Web Parts, User Controls, SharePoint 2007/MOSS/Web Portal, InfoPath, MS Project, HTML, javascript.


WiseHealth- Severna Park, MD          Solution Architect                                                           (04/2008- 08/2008)   

Ramesh has provided end to end solution of healthcare and gaming internet site which integrates multiple 3rd party personalized gaming internet sites with Web Services with SOAP and healthcare applications for children.


Environment: Visual Studio.NET 2008, .NET Framework 3.0, 3.5, ASP.NET, C#, IIS, SQL Server 2005, DTS, SharePoint Server 2007, SharePoint designer, Crystal Reports, Flash, Web Services, SOAP, Visio, HTML.



Wyeth/Accenture Frazer, PA          Solutions Architect                                                             (08/2007- 02/2008)   

Ramesh has provided architecture of GPR, CCOG (Clinical Contracts Outsourcing Group), MTRA applications, Decision Support & other applications and performed as Technical Architect at Wyeth's web development center for intranet & internet applications.


Environment: Visual Studio.NET 2005, .NET Framework 2.0, ASP.NET, C#, IIS, ASP, COM+, XML/XSLT, XSD, DTD, ADO.NET, ORACLE 10g, SQL Server/T-SQL, TOAD, Visio Enterprise Architect, CVS Source control, eRoom Documentum, content management, Info Path, Informatica, Dreamweaver, FxCOP, javascript, AJAX, NHibernate, MS Project, HTML.


PRIME Tech group. - King of Prussia, PA           Solutions Architect                                        (06/2006 – 07/2007)

Role: Project Manager/AllScripts, Nashua, NH , Project: Healthmatics Project                   Industry: Health Care

Ramesh has provided leadership to re-engineer the Physicians Practice Management Health Care System in an onsite/offshore engagement of rewriting HealthMatics, Ntierprise, and health care. This System is among the most advanced medical management systems available today and been implemented in many hospitals nationwide.  It offers user-friendly rich interface.


Environment: Visual Studio.NET 2005, .NET Framework 2.0, ASP.NET, C#, IIS, TFS, SQL Server 2005/T-SQL, VB6 COM+, Infragistics, XML, XSD, Visio, SharePoint Sever (WSS 3.0/MOSS), Info Path, , Enterprise Architect, Java, BRITS, javascript, Infragistics – Net Advantage, Crystal Report, nUnit, MS Project, HTML,



Employer: Perot Systems                                                                                                         (2/2005 – 5/2006)

Role: .NET Architect/ Project Manager at United Technologies (Hamilton Sundstrand)-Windsor Locks, CT        


Project: Cost Proposal System (CPS)

Ramesh has led the end to end Solutioning of eCommerce - Cost Proposals System for parts which integrates with accounting systems and ledgers. This system is used for manufacturing parts for aerospace, land and sea customers such as the US Military, NASA, Boeing, and Air Bus Industries.

Environment: Visual Studio.NET 2003, TFS, ASP.NET, C#, VB, COM+, Oracle 9i/PL SQL, SQL Server 2000/T_SQL, DTS, XML, XSD, XSLT, VB6, Excel, VBA, Visio, UML, Documentum, SharePoint, MS Project, Crystal Report, Visio, HTML.


Valassis - Livonia, Michigan      Technical Architect                                                                 (1/2004 - 12/2004)

Ramesh has lead the Integration of several advertising, media applications using BizTalk.

Environment: Enterprise Architect 4.1, Visio, UML 2.0, Provision, Visio, SharePoint Server, Info Path, C#, ASP.NET, JavaScript, XML, XSD, SOAP Tool Kit 2.0, Excel VBA, SQL Server 2000, Biz Talk Server 2006 R2, Share Point Server, MS Project, HTML.


Employer: APN SOFTWARE SERVICES                                                                       (02/1999  - 11/2003)

APN, a software consulting company work with its partnering companies in their software development projects. Some of the projects I involved are:-


Client: Toyota Motors               Long Beach, Los Angeles, CA             Role: Sr. Developer

Project: TOMS (Toyota Order Management System), Industry: Automobile


Ramesh has lead a module of Toyota Order Management System intended to use by automotive dealers, administrators, and support employees having multiple levels of security access levels for North American Toyota cars ordering and production, to include USA, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.  System was integrated from ordering to manufacturing of vehicle with specified vehicle configurations. 

Environment: VB6, ASP, Crystal Report, XML, XSLT, javascript, COM+, COM-TI, RUP, Rational suites – ClearCase, ClearQuest, Oracle, DB2, .NET, MSMQ, HTML, Stylus Studio.



Client: American International Group (AIG)                        Technical Architect                                          Nashville, TN 

Ramesh has architected a project at AIG in Nashville and evaluated their legacy system and migrated them in Microsoft Technologies such as .NET.

Environment: VB6, ASP, MainFrame, COM+, Oracle, DB2, .NET, SQL Server, HTML.


Princeton Review                                             Tech Lead/Sr. Developer                      San Francisco, CA     

    Ramesh has lead the designing of Prospect Manager module, intend for use by students who apply to multiple universities nationwide.  Data managed and owned by Princeton Review.  Worked on multiple modules for system integration. 

Environment: Permission and security for pages and elements using XML/XSLT technologies and development in XML/XSL/XSLT, ASP, VB COM+, Java script, SQL Server 2000, with XML support, MS Access 2000 SOAP, Web Services, ASP.NET, T-SQL


Wells Fargo Bank                                                         Project Leader                                      San Francisco, CA     

Ramesh has designed and developed an eCommerce Credit Card application called PCard for Credit Card transaction and management for Wellsfargo Wholesale business. Organized and conducted specification meetings with the client, documented the project requirements, designed and created white paper for the project, estimated manpower requirements, created prototypes for proofs-of-concept, transferred the database layout onto paper.

Environment: Visual Interdev 6.0, Active Server Pages 2.0, Visual Basic 6.0, COM+, ORACLE, VB Script, Crystal Report, javascript, HTML, IIS, Visual Source Safe.


Client: Advice America                                                 Project Leader                                      Fremont, CA

Designed and developed an eCommerce & Financial Advice system. System architecture and design, project requirements, estimate and allocation of manpower, guide the developers through development process, troubleshooting for bugs, arrange and conduct meetings, responsible for system delivery